Monday, August 20, 2012

A Lightbulb Went On!

A while ago, we decided that we would change out all of our ugly, tan-colored light switches and electrical outlets.  We finally got around to switching out everything in the master bedroom and the current office, but when we turned the power on, the light switches that connect to electrical outlets (instead of ceiling lights) weren't working.  A quick internet investigation revealed that there is a little tab on each side of the outlet.  My finger is pointing at one of the tabs in the picture below.

When the tab is there, the electricity will run through the entire socket.  So, in order for it to work with a light switch, the tab must be broken off to interrupt the hot wire.  In the picture below, the the hot side is at the bottom.  You might be able to locate the word "hot" directly above the left-side brass-colored screw.

Then, use needle nose pliers to wiggle the tab back and forth until the tab comes off.

Voila!  You may then proceed to the outlet installation.

And the finished product:


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